Calendar of activities: arranged visits, sculpture, art and landscape workshops, pedagogy on art and nature, seminars and cultural meetings.

Visits and workshops

  • Visits arranged to the park.
  • Seminars on the themes that inspire La Comella project; Special emphasis is placed on sculpture that speaks the language of nature.
  • Visits from education centers of all levels as well as university centers. Themes: sculpture and nature, the alliance with life, performance and the works of La Comella, conservation and improvement of the environment, actions on land, work and matter, the search for the fascinating.


Customer service and arranged visits:

Telephone: 977-201283 - 646732866



La Comella is located in the municipality of Tarragona, just three kilometers from the city. It is reached by the Pont d'Armentera road, before the AP7. It is very close to the neighborhood of San Pedro and San Pablo, within the pine forests of the Loreto sanctuary. To locate it on Google Maps, press on the map or put La Comella Rufino Mesa on Google.