Apocryphal Document Library

Apocryphal Document Library

Ulldecona marble, copper tubes, documents and bronze. 1990-2006. 310 x 110 x 110 cm. La Comella

In the mid-eighties he began a work on concealments, it was a silent adventure that was left undiscovered. He stated that personal circumstances led him to make the decision; He had to give up presenting his work to others. After inquiries of several years as a seeker, he had to admit that what secreted mystery had to let him breathe into matter and never show it. No scenario is more suggestive and powerful than the one that science presents to us in the internal fueros of an atom, no question is more abyssal than the one that segregates the game of the probabilities.

Concealments was a work divided into five series: concealments, omissions, skirmishes, amnesias and forgetfulness. Most of the works are small and medium format. From that moment on, his work has started a new path, the pieces have grown in a way that has allowed him to enter the work to verify that in the background there is always something that runs away and hides. Turkana Chapel, Glyptic, Nsasi, I will never speak again, they are works for this purpose. The actions in spaces without witnesses place the artist in an absurd, anguished position, sometimes unbearable. But the decision was firm and the result obtained rewarded the resignation. On the other hand, he was always in the same position; Why talk if nobody listens ...? What can you say that nature does not do with greater power?

The concept path marked the work path; the work was the testimony kept between the subtle folds of the subject. From here another creative evaluation was born: the contents. Human concerns, all without exception, should remain in the indelible face of eternity. Over time this thought has become solid and constant; the form, the finish no longer worries; What is meant is worrying. In the workshop he has felt totally free, unconcerned about the similarities and the plasticity of the forms. Only the intention, the brightness of the idea installed in the internal landscapes that science and poetry presents, were of interest. The works are not intended to understand the mechanisms of the occult, but to preserve their mystery wherever they reside, they are to safeguard the poetics of the secret.