Turkana Chapel

Turkana Chapel

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"Turkana Chapel is a circular space, with little light, strongly compressed and built to store a stone inside. It is a sculpture inhabited by an absent soul or by a mass of matter that saturates the space until it is breathless.

The small temple houses a granite rock of 22,000 kilos; It is the presence of matter at the time of reflection. This presence manifests and encases the visitor when they look out the window. It also speaks of the inner emptiness and the mysterious energy that animates us.  It is a mass of granite that forces us to rotate in it's orbit and to hear the rumble of the entrance.

It is one of the most successful works of La Comella project, so the discourse is focused on the solitude of the place and the need to recognize oneself in matter.  In this work of art, it emphasizes  sublime brutality, a force that emanates from the rock without any trinket. The Turkana Chapel is an important example of the subject addressed by the author in the book Aesthetic Reality.

The Turkana chapel- Humanization of a stone. Black granite, stone from Sant Pere and Sant Pau, iron, mortar and concrete. 2003-2004. 5 x 5 x 5 m in diameter. La Comella



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